BUN: $6.95

Everybody's Favorite Vermicelli

(Choices of 2 toppings from list below, Served with chopped lettuce, cucumber, bean sprouts topped with onion, peanut, and cilantro together with 'nuoc mam' sauce; $1.50 for each additional topping)

*Bi - Shredded Pork, *Cha - Egg Cake, *Suon - Grilled Pork Chop, *Cha Gio - Egg Roll

*Ga Lui - Grilled Sliced Chicken, *Trung - Egg Sunny-Side Up, *Nem Nuong - Grilled Pork Roll

*Thit Nuong - Grilled Sliced Pork, *Lap Xuong - Chinese Sausage, *Dau Hu Chien - Fried Tofu

*Bo Lui ($.50) - Additional $.50 for Grilled Lemongrass Beef

*Tom Lui ($.50) - Additional $.50 for Grilled Shrimps

*Muc Lui ($.50) - Additional $.50 for Grilled Squid